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Tenant Screening


Thorough tenant screening is key to avoiding potential losses in unpaid revenues. We fully investigate potential tenants by meticulous screening. Credit checks, employment & rental history references are conducted. Should an application pass these steps, a final interview is conducted and either passes or fails. We take the signing of prospective tenants very seriously as signing the wrong tenant could lead to losses in revenue and time. We only accept the most reliable tenants for our clients. 

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Leasing Service

Turnkey Leasing Service

Our turnkey leasing services cover the leasing process from start to finish. Approved tenants will be provided with an ironclad completed lease which adheres to Régie du logement Quebec. Tenants will be educated on the property rules and expectations. Our team conducts a walk-though process of the unit, detailed photographic evidence and notes are taken prior to tenant habitation. Approved tenants must conform to the preservation of the property's value. Prospective tenants who do not meet Gestion Immobilière Laval's requirements or that of its clients won't be considered.



Scheduled Inspections

Regular methodical inspections are conducted both inside and outside of the property. Our focus is to maintain your property's value and its tenants occupying the units are acting within the rules and regulations of the property. We take a preventative approach in order to avoid possible tenant-tenant or tenant-landlord issues. Should there be tenants not complying with our policies we take immediate action to ensure the continued growth of our client's investment is left intact. 

Communicationand Reporting

Reporting & Communication

Gestion Immobilière Laval offers all of its clients detailed reporting and communication. Our team keeps you updated on property activity, including vacancies, leasing, maintenance, inspections and financial reports. We tailor our solutions to meet your needs. Reporting is done online, over the phone, and if needed in person. Transparency over your property's  activity is very important and we will report all urgent matters directly with you. 


Prevention and Improvement

Maintenance, Prevention & Improvement


Gestion Immobilière Laval offers you a cost effective and reliable expertise in your property's maintenance, prevention and improvements. Between our in house and network you are sure to get the most cost effective and reliable services to match our management's revenue growth target. Our team will inform you on your property's maintenance needs to ensure its value is not at risk and future revenue is capitalized. We also will advise you on potential improvements that will allow the property to generate increased income.

Tenant Management

Tenant Management


Our team is highly trained in tenant management relationships. Our expertise in this field allows us to achieve a proper image of your building and respect towards your property and its value. We are successfully able to generate a healthy balance with our tenants which leads to our successful on-time rent collection process. Should issues such as  eviction or intentional property damage arise, they are highly prioritized for you. Our team works quickly and efficiently to rectify the matter in compliance with the Régie du logement Quebec.



This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

Rent Collection

Rent collection is performed by our team systimatically and professionally. Rent times are always respected and deposited directly into the property's banking accounts. Strict and efficient accounting practices are followed to ensure stringent payments and balances. Our team's tenant management systems are unmatched, giving us our edge. Our success is a result of a well balanced tenant-landlord relationship  ensuring our properties are respected and rent is collected without issue.  


and Branding

Advertising & Branding

Our team has several years experience in the advertising and marketing world, both digital and traditional print media. Your vacant units will never go unnoticed. Our wealth of advertising knowledge and vast network provides you with the best possibly matched tenants. We are able to  market your vacant units in a very timely and professional matter, saving you countless days of lost revenue from not having them rented. Our sales team offers prompt answers to inquiries about vacant units and provide flexible on-demand  unit showcasing for prospective tenants. 

Accounting and


Accounting & Bookkeeping

The reason our clients invest with us is simple: We offer solutions that are aimed at cutting costs and increasing your property's revenue growth, hassle free. In order for us to achieve this, we must follow strict incoming and outgoing bookkeeping systems for our clients. We monitor finances very intuitively and repair any leaks that may be causing a loss of revenue for you. We fine tune your property's outgoing services expenses and make sure tenants are receiving proper accommodation to avoid any conflict leading to lost revenue.


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